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Wealth-Building Coaching

Hey, I’m Dolapo Adedayo, Founder of Trend Hijacking. I have a single purpose, and that is to help others build generational wealth with e-commerce. Since a lot of people asked me for this, I decided to answer by sharing my personal, 7-figure e-commerce insights with you. With my 7+ years of e-commerce knowledge and experience by your side, financial freedom with e-commerce is but a click away!

How TrendHijacking’s Coaching

Unlocks Success

Your Wish, Our Command: Starting TrendHijacking to Help You Succeed

We started this because you asked for it. So many of you wanted to learn how to make money with online stores, and we listened. That's why TrendHijacking began. Now, we've helped over 273+ people find success, and that's just the beginning. Your requests sparked this journey, and your success is our goal. Let’s keep moving forward!

Young Entrepreneur Hits Over $10K in Sales with a Helping Hand"

A young go-getter reached out to me on Instagram, and with a little guidance, they've made a splash in the world of e-commerce. At just 15, they've already hit the $10K mark on Shopify, all within a couple of months. It’s a shining example of what’s possible with the right support and hard work. Together, we’re proving that age is just a number when it comes to business success.

Wealth-Building Coaching

Hi there, it's Dolapo Adedayo here, the founder of TrendHijacking. I began this journey to revolutionize coaching in the ecommerce space, aiming to empower others to build wealth. Due to high demand, I'm thrilled to share that I'll now be providing personal coaching. Together, we'll unlock the potential of online trends to increase your earnings and achieve financial success. Let’s get started on your path to prosperity!

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